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Nicolai Valencia, the author of this website, is a film enthusiast. He developed his interest in films since he was just a little kid. He recalls himself playing with his Clay Characters (he molded clay to create toy heroes instead of buying one) everyday. Each day is an episode of a series of his hero's adventures he made up in his mind. He says this paved the way for him to be drawn into the art of story telling.

The sole purpose of this site is to share news, information, and vital scenes all related to classic and relevant films. As much as this site would like to focus on movies, it can't help but expose its audience to some TV Series that stood out among others.

It is of great importance that the page acknowledge Mrs. Bergonio for teaching the author this course on E-commerce. To know more about our subject. See E-commerce Fundamentals.

The author would like to keep his anonymouty. The links embedded on the social media buttons are linked to Oscars Awards just for the course requirements purposes only.

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